List of Primary Source Projects in the text

1. Voltaire versus Macaulay about History

2. Xenophon versus Herodotus about Virtue in Rulers

3. Prophet Micah versus Prophet Joel about the End Times

4. Athenians versus Melians about Rules of War

5. Galgacus versus Agricola about Motivations for Battle

6. Paul of Tarsus versus Pliny the Younger and Trajan about the Value of Christianity

7. Bad Bishops versus Benedictine Rule about Christian Moral Rules

8. Pope Gregory VII versus King Henry about Church and State

9. Witch Hunter versus Montaigne about Belief in Witches

10. Declaration of the Rights of Man versus Declaration of the Rights of Woman about Human Rights

11. Smiles versus Owen about the Good Life

12. "In Flanders Fields" versus "Dulce et Decorum Est" about Death in War

13. Hitler versus Franklin D. Roosevelt about the Just Society

14. Khrushchev versus Nixon about Consumerism

15. The European Central Bank versus the National Front about European Unity


More Primary Source Projects

3a. Sennacherib Annalist versus Chronicles Writer about Divine Favor

9a. Witch Hunter versus Confessor about Belief in Witches

9b. Luther versus the Peasants about Proper Order

9c. Columbus versus de Las Casas about the New World

10a. Parliament versus King Charles I of England about Monarchy

11a. Arthur Conan Doyle versus M. Woeste about Imperialism


Last Updated: 17 January 2018