1. History’s Story
  2. Wanderers and Settlers: The Ancient Middle East to 400 B.C.
  3. The Chosen People: Hebrews and Jews, 2000 B.C. to A.D. 135
  4. Trial of the Hellenes: The Ancient Greeks, 1200 B.C. to A.D. 146
  5. Imperium Romanum: The Romans, 753 B.C. to A.D. 300
  6. The Revolutionary Rabbi: Christianity, the Roman Empire, and Islam, 4 B.C. to A.D. 1453
  7. From Old Rome to the New West: The Early Middle Ages, A.D. 500 to 1000
  8. The Medieval Mêlée: The High and Later Middle Ages, 1000 to 1500
  9. Making the Modern World: The Renaissance and Reformation, 1400 to 1648
  10. Liberation of Mind and Body: Early Modern Europe, 1543 to 1815
  11. Mastery of the Machine: The Industrial Revolution, 1764 to 1914
  12. The Westerner’s Burden: Imperialism and Nationalism, 1810 to 1918
  13. Rejections of Democracy: The InterWar Years and World War II, 1917 to 1945
  14. A World Divided: The Early Cold War, 1945 to 1980
  15. Into the Future: The Contemporary Era, 1980 to the Present
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Links for Chapter 11
Mastery of the Machine: The Industrial Revolution, 1764 to 1918

On the Rise of Factories

Cotton Times: Understanding the Industrial Revolution [on the Wayback Machine]: numerous articles looking into the lives of those involved in textile manufacturing in Lancashire, England.

Review of Empire of Cotton: recent book on the international growth of industrialization based on this one product.

Africa: Slavery, King Cotton and the Industrial Revolutions: provocative essay on these interactions.


On Culture in the 19th Century

Victorian Web: covers a wide range of the literature, ideas, and history of the period.

Grimm's Fairy Tales: A number of the stories translated direct from the original German and with some scholarly analysis.


On Social Reform Movements

Anarchy Archives: “online research center on the history and theory of anarchism” with a few short articles and more links to various sites.

Marxists Internet Archive: primary sources and articles about many kinds of socialist movements in many places.

The Struggle Site: images and ideas about many different movements by the socially disadvantaged against the powerful, from anarchists to Zapatistas.


On 19th-century Science information about Darwin.


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